About the Romanian Institute of Training

IRT—the Romanian Institute of Training is a nongovernmental, independent, non-political and not-for-profit organization set up in September 2002 by a group of independent trainers and consultants. The IRT staff and team of trainers encompasses professionals with equally strong working experience and training/consultancy skills. IRT works with a pool of 35 specialized trainers/consultants on various topics within each of the four programs below.

IRT has been offering training and technical assistance programs for several categories of clients and beneficiaries: public administration institutions, businesses, NGOs. Funding for the services delivered by IRT came from the Romanian state budget, European Union (Phare), USAID, World Bank, UNDP, Dutch Government (MATRA), German Government, UK Government (DFID, GOF), Canadian Government (CIDA), Open Society Institute.

IRT formulated a series of activities related to its specific development objectives, and circumscribed to the following activities:

  • assessing training and technical assistance needs;
  • providing technical assistance and consultancy;
  • designing training programs/modules and training of trainers sessions;
  • organizing conferences, seminars, and other complementary activities;
  • editing and producing publications and training materials.

IRT’s current programs are:

  • euadministraţie – training and technical assistance program for public administration units;
  • formare.BIZ – training and consultancy program for businesses & NGOs;
  • international projects – training and technical assistance, within IRT’s key areas of activity, within programs financed by international/regional donors.

Within the above-mentioned programs, IRT runs activities in the following key areas:

  • public administration-specific training & technical assistance (general, strategic and financial management, strategic and operational planning, transparency & integrity, public relations, documents management, etc.);
  • proposal writing & program implementation (general, specific for Structural and Cohesion Funds);
  • public procurement training & technical assistance;
  • skills training (teambuilding, communication, conflict management, negotiation, mediation, public relations, training of trainers, etc.);
  • certified training (for the occupations of trainer, human resources manager, project manager, management consultant, etc.).

IRT’s contracting mechanisms are:

  • direct contract with participants;
  • participation into Romanian public procurement tenders;
  • contracts with an organization (business, NGO);
  • subcontracting under donor contracts;
  • participation (as main applicant or partner) in grant tenders (Phare, Structural and Cohesion Funds , USAID etc.);
  • participation (as applicant or member of the consortium) into donor tenders (Phare, World Bank, UNDP).

If you want to contact IRT, please go to the contact page.